A Heightened Proposal

Being a serious planner, I was very eager to find out when Brandon was going to propose. I had a feeling it was going to be around the time of our year anniversary but wasn’t absolutely sure. I’m very impatient! We looked at rings, spoke of wedding fantasies and our future together. However, I didn’t hear any hints or see any clues as to an upcoming proposal. Not until…

the day before our anniversary. I was at my parents house and my dad got a strange phone call and then asked me to leave. He never had a problem speaking on the phone with me in the room. The weird look on his face told me that something was going on. After his phone call, he left the room and being the impatient, eager and excited daughter that I am, I checked the call log to see Brandon’s number as the previous call. I knew he was going to propose on our anniversary. Now my curiosity turned to nervousness.

To date, this is the most awkward night of our relationship. I knew he was going to do it but wasn’t going to let on that I knew. I’m sure my jittery conversation wasn’t helping his nerves. The tension was so high between us. I guess it was the first time that we kept a secret from each other and weren’t dealing with it very well.

He drove us to the Burbank airport, a rather weird place to be. He told me we were having dinner at the airport, but a woman came out to greet us and told us that our helicopter would be ready soon. My mouth dropped open.

A little background on my husband would be helpful. He is a writer and camera guy for movies and commercials. I figured if he were to propose, it would be a huge undertaking or during the most mundane activity in our lives. Evidently, he took it to the extreme.

We got in the helicopter and flew towards the Pacific coast at sunset. We watched the sun slipping behind the ocean as we flew over the beach. The helicopter then turned inland and flew to downtown LA. It landed on the old courthouse and left us there. The nerves were as high as we were in the sky! He held my hand and got down on a knee, almost shaking as he handed me the ring and asked me to marry him. He put the ring on my finger as the city lights encircled us. It was magical. It was our love story.

The helicopter returned us to the airport. Afterwards, we had an amazing 7 course meal at Bastide in Hollywood. I don’t buy into fairytales, but somehow, I was living one.


Our First Romantic Getaway

We were friends for awhile before saying those 3 special words and realizing we should be together. Once they were said, I knew I would be with him forever. He was my perfect match.

To celebrate our new relationship, he invited me to join him on a Vegas adventure. I had only been to Vegas once and it wasn’t the best night. So, I was excited to visit again, this time with my honey. After years of relationships where I was always having to make plans (I am a planner) and figure out all the details of our activities, I finally found someone who just took charge and handled it. 1st Romantic point for planning the entire trip.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo and it was a beautiful hotel. We drank, he taught me craps, ate exquisite food and then went out to party. His friend worked in the Vegas club scene, so he took us to several clubs through the VIP lines, no waiting or paying. 2nd Romantic point for making me feel like I was the most special person in the world.

I cannot imagine a more romantic getaway. We were definitely in a honeymoon stage but couldn’t have felt more in love. I’m sure we were that annoying couple that is kissing and cuddling and acting like they are the only people in the world. 3rd Romantic point for starting our relationship off with a bang!

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The Stars

I cannot blame the stars completely for my commonsensical outlook on romance. I was born a virgo and consistently maintain all stereotypes of a sensible, perfectionist virgo. If we get in a fight, I don’t want flowers, I want a heartfelt apology and a determination to not make the same mistake in the future. I hate forced romance and do not want to go to a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day. If you want to win my heart, do the dishes or surprise me with a clean house. It may not appear romantic to some, but it shows me that you love me. Little gestures of love are more meaningful that a grand gesture every few months or once a year. The little gestures keep the flame burning strong over the long haul.

With all that said, I cry at cheesy romantic movies. I love chocolate treats. I absolutely love fresh flowers in my house given to me by my loving husband. I enjoy being wined and dined. I love when my husband takes the time to plan an entire evening, get a babysitter and takes me out. It is such a relief to not have to plan something else. I love being in love and when I’m not feeling so in love, I love falling in love all over again.

My name is Michelle and I’m the practical romantic. I’ve been married for 6.5 years and have two children, 2 and 5. My husband works long hours and I work from home, have a kindergartener and stay home with my toddler, at the same time trying to take care of our home, cook healthy meals and raise happy children. As many parents know, romance is extremely difficult with children around. When you do get time away, it takes a couple of hours just to release the built up emotional neediness that naturally come with child raising.

At the same time, this is the most important time to keep the romance alive. More people divorce when their children are toddlers than at any other age. If you don’t make extra effort and spend the time to care, it is easy to feel unloved. I’m dedicating this blog to share my own experiences of romance or romantic ideas. I hope you enjoy being in love as much as I do!