The Stars

I cannot blame the stars completely for my commonsensical outlook on romance. I was born a virgo and consistently maintain all stereotypes of a sensible, perfectionist virgo. If we get in a fight, I don’t want flowers, I want a heartfelt apology and a determination to not make the same mistake in the future. I hate forced romance and do not want to go to a crowded restaurant on Valentine’s Day. If you want to win my heart, do the dishes or surprise me with a clean house. It may not appear romantic to some, but it shows me that you love me. Little gestures of love are more meaningful that a grand gesture every few months or once a year. The little gestures keep the flame burning strong over the long haul.

With all that said, I cry at cheesy romantic movies. I love chocolate treats. I absolutely love fresh flowers in my house given to me by my loving husband. I enjoy being wined and dined. I love when my husband takes the time to plan an entire evening, get a babysitter and takes me out. It is such a relief to not have to plan something else. I love being in love and when I’m not feeling so in love, I love falling in love all over again.

My name is Michelle and I’m the practical romantic. I’ve been married for 6.5 years and have two children, 2 and 5. My husband works long hours and I work from home, have a kindergartener and stay home with my toddler, at the same time trying to take care of our home, cook healthy meals and raise happy children. As many parents know, romance is extremely difficult with children around. When you do get time away, it takes a couple of hours just to release the built up emotional neediness that naturally come with child raising.

At the same time, this is the most important time to keep the romance alive. More people divorce when their children are toddlers than at any other age. If you don’t make extra effort and spend the time to care, it is easy to feel unloved. I’m dedicating this blog to share my own experiences of romance or romantic ideas. I hope you enjoy being in love as much as I do!


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