Our Magical Wedding

Your wedding is supposed to be a magical day that you will never forget. I think mine was so magical and filled with joy that I can barely remember it. We got married at Soka University of America in a beautiful Italian looking courtyard.

We wrote our wedding vows together that expressed the commitment we were making to each other. These were mine (Brandon’s were the exact same with obvious changes):

Romantic Wedding“Brandon, from this day forth I vow to love you as my best friend and my husband.  I will continue to pursue my passions in life, challenge my personal human revolution all the while sharing in your hopes and dreams.  I will encourage you in times of suffering. Celebrate with you in times of joy. Nurture you when you are sick and dialogue when we are struggling.  I will be a source of inspiration and hope for your life and love you every day with my whole heart. I devote myself to our union and promise to always support you, our family, and our friends as your wife and the mother of our children. Together we will share all that life has to offer and overcome any obstacles that we encounter and create a supremely happy life together for the sake of others. Take this ring as a symbol of the vows we have made today.”

Wedding First DanceFrom there, we took the party to the Hyatt in Irvine for an amazing reception. We entered the reception hall to “When It’s Love” by Van Halen. Our first dance was to “We Belong” by Pat Benatar, which was the first song Brandon dedicated to me. We tried to get all the officail stuff out of the way so we could just dance all night. And we did!


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