Our First Romantic Getaway

We were friends for awhile before saying those 3 special words and realizing we should be together. Once they were said, I knew I would be with him forever. He was my perfect match.

To celebrate our new relationship, he invited me to join him on a Vegas adventure. I had only been to Vegas once and it wasn’t the best night. So, I was excited to visit again, this time with my honey. After years of relationships where I was always having to make plans (I am a planner) and figure out all the details of our activities, I finally found someone who just took charge and handled it. 1st Romantic point for planning the entire trip.

We stayed at the Monte Carlo and it was a beautiful hotel. We drank, he taught me craps, ate exquisite food and then went out to party. His friend worked in the Vegas club scene, so he took us to several clubs through the VIP lines, no waiting or paying. 2nd Romantic point for making me feel like I was the most special person in the world.

I cannot imagine a more romantic getaway. We were definitely in a honeymoon stage but couldn’t have felt more in love. I’m sure we were that annoying couple that is kissing and cuddling and acting like they are the only people in the world. 3rd Romantic point for starting our relationship off with a bang!

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